hyper light drifter walkthrough

Back outside, go to the Western elevator and use it one last time. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Defeat them all to get the / but also to open the way South leading to the first KEY . Once dealt with, take the North Eastern path first to get the then, continue North trhough the other path. Immediately break the box on your left to get the and walk North for a then follow the path, dodging the moving blocks on the way to a pink closed door. -------------------------------------------------- SOCCER FIELD --------------------------------------------------. Head back West and follow this path, past an elevator, all the way to the North East corner of the area where you can grab a and continue South of it to get the / . Follow the Eastern path to the central platform where you will have to defeat Slimes and other monsters to unlock the way. Now travel back to the room with the three doors and this time open the Western one. In any case, kill every Dirks to get the / and proceed West to an ambush then South to the next area. Use the moving platform and head all the way South to another ambush. Afterwards, head back to the main path and proceed North. Activate an invisible switch here to reveal a path leading to the first MONOLITH . Kill all the enemies to unlock a path leading to another section of the area. Once there, head North past the arch then West and South into a hidden cave.. Now travel all the way back out of this area and take the North door in the next one, to get to an elevator and back outside. Afterwards, head back to the main path and continue North to the next area. To make it easier, set your controller to keyboard + mouse, place your cursor above or under the center of the room, breathe deep and press the space bar on rhythm to get the 800-dash chain. To begin, he will follow you and try to hit you with a Quick Swap so dodge this, quickly dash at him and hit him with either a 2-hits combo or with a Charged Attack if you are fast enough, then quickly dash away as he will either attack you by Throwing his Scythe or with his Spinning Scythe. Dash at him and use a 2-hits plus Charged Attack combo then dash away, deflect his two Fire Orbs and dodge his Flying Charge then, dash at him again and repeat this pattern until a lose too much energy. Head North, open the door to an ambush, kill every enemies to collect the / and a then use the elevator. Back underground, take the East exit in this area and the South one on the next. Jump down, dash to the staircase, walk it up and open the door here. Is it just me or half of the pictures doesn't show up? Afterwards, climb the Northern wall to listen to the story of The Vulture Hermit then head back out of this area and North, up the broken stairs, out to the next one. Head to the Western part of the South Western corner and activate an invisible switch there to reveal a path leading to a secret room. Kill your firsts Ninja Toads, then go to South Eastern part of this first platform and the camera will show you the . Take the elevator to the next area. Follow this road all the way to the , the and a step-on switch, wich will create a way back to the beginning of the area. From the starting point, look North behind the right flame thrower to locate a small symbol on the ground. Afterwards, walk to the Eastern exit but instead of going through it, head North on a newly open path and collect the . Repeat this pattern and soon after he will try to either Stab you with his arm or hit you his Light Explosion. Head North to encounter a Vulture Acolyte and proceed further to meet four more and a Dirk. This walkthrough page is a stub. Head back to the previous cliff and this time continue North to The Traveling Drifter who will reveal the location of The Hanged Man. SitemapAdvertisePartnershipsCareersPrivacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of UseReport Ad, CA Privacy/Info We CollectCA Do Not Sell My Info. Dash to climb up the wall in front of you, grab the PISTOL on the corpse there, then continue East and shoot the distant switches with your gun. Once done, dash East then North to a and to a step-on switch hidden behind a small pink wall on the left side. You will appear on an Eastern platform where you can find an invisible switch on the bottom ledge, which will reveal a path to another teleporter for you to use. Kill them all, disable the step-on switch, continue South then West through a fire path and kill the monsters to get the / , . Walk up the stairs, destroy the crates for a and activate the second PILLAR. In this dark cave head all the way East to find a hidden in a crate, then go back following the South wall to locate a staircase. © Valve Corporation. Collect the near the entrance if you need to, then head South to encounter the third boss of this region. Walk North to encounter a Vulture Shaman, defeat him and all the other monsters to open the way then climb up the stairs, activate the teleporter and proceed North to the top of the Mountains. From that last one, aim South East to shoot a distant switch and follow that new path to get the . Head North, break the crate near the big door to find a then open it and prepare to confront the boss of this region. Once done, jump down and proceed to an elevator. Hyper Light Drifter. Destroy the Bladebots to get the then search the South wall to find a secret passage leading to the / . Head back to the main path and to a near another Bladebot then, continue all the way to an elevator. As you enter this area, look on your right for a small passage without a barrier. Afterwards, head back the previously past elevator and use it to go back outside. Time to make a quick detour. Any help would be much appreciated! Many thanks! Now head back to the statue and you can find another inside a wooden crate behind a big crystal just South of your position, then you can collect a third directly South of the previous one. Now head back to the fountain, walk North, open the 8-modules door and follow the path to an elevator but, before taking it you can dash South to a platform with another . 1 . In here, destroy every crate to find the then get back out, head back to where the previous Gearbit was and proceed West. Now go back to the main path, continue North and talk to the Hiker who will indicate the location of The Hierophant. This is a mini game where you need to score 10 goals before your adversary to gain access to the . Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Favorited. Head for the other side of the South wall and follow the only open path to a switch you will need to activate, then walk South, West and North to another path you will need to follow all the way to the South Eastern corner. Follow the path until you are attacked by some Bomber Toads. Walk on it to unlock a path slightly North leading to the then, continue all the way South past a bridge leading to the exit but instead of proceeding, walk West and on another step-on switch hidden by the trees, to create a path leading to the / . In this dark area, there is a in the South West corner and the in the South Eastern one. Use this last one to get to a place with four Vulture Acolytes you need to kill to get the then jump down, walk up the staircase nearby, locate the and continue East from it to enter a secret area. At this point he will spew some Beast Beastlings, so quickly use a 3-hits combo plus charged attack as he prepare this attack and if he is not already dead, dash away again to dodge the spewing monsters.

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